1st BOS.QT Day 2023

This time, it was the Phd doctoral speakers turn to organize a program and whom to invite for their first BOS.QT Day. With a great participation of around 50 faculty members and invited guests coming together at the Magnus-House, home of the German Physical Society (DPG), it was not only from a scientific but also networking point of view a very succesful event.

The main focus was on „Quantum Technologies“ and „Light-Matter Interaction in Nano-Structures“ , supported by scientific talks of Jun. Prof. Janik Wolters (TU Berlin, DLR, ECDF), Prof. Nabeel Aslam (TU Braunschweig), Prof. Alexey Chernikov (TU Dresden), Prof. Stephanie Reich (FU Berlin) and Carlos Antón Solanas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). The program was complemented by a session on „Challenges in Academia“ and a talk by Joeri Tjdink( Amsterdam UMC) on: „Mental health in Academia; how to survive, stay healthy and have fun“ . The next BOS.QT Day will take place 2024.