Frequently Asked Questions

1. Prerequesites and preparation

Am I an eligible candidate for the BOS.QT doctoral program?

Yes, when you have a master’s degree in physics or closely related master’s degrees such as the international master’s program in optical sciences offered at HU Berlin.

Which documents do I have to submit?

A master’s degree certificate and a transcript of records, a research statement about the proposed dissertation project and a letter of support from the prospective primary supervisor (member of the BOS.QT faculty) such as a detailed curriculum vitae.

When can I apply for the BOS.QT doctoral program?

Applications to the program can be submitted respectively for the summer and for the winter term.

2. Admission

The admission proceeds via nomination by the BOS.QT faculty members . The Steering Committee of BOS.QT will prove your candidacy. The letter of admission will be sent by the BOS.QT office.

3. Duration of the BOS.QT doctoral program

How long is the membership at BOS.QT?

The recommended membership duration in the BOS.QT is three years and it should not exceed four years for an individual student. During the BOS.QT membership, PhD students will participate in the PhD student seminar and shall select additional activities from the different elective areas 1 to 4. It is recommended that the chosen activities cover at least two of the elective areas 1 to 4.

4. Supervision

How does the tandem supervision work?

BOS.QT students work on research for their dissertation, supervised by a tandem of BOS.QT faculty members with the indication of the primary supervisor. In addition, each candidate is free to choose an additional mentor from the BOS.QT faculty.