BOS.QT Kick-off Meeting, 6 November 2019

The grand opening of the Berlin School of Optical Sciences and Quantum Technologies (BOS.QT) took place on 6 November 2019 at the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt close to the Technische Universität Berlin. Several scientists, doctoral students and persons involved within the BOS.QT attended the kick-off meeting.

The event was opened by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Woggon, chairperson of BOS.QT. She underlined the role of the school as a connecting element of existing structures that provides young researchers with fascination science and creative leeway to initiate unusual scientific questions, enable original solutions, and acquire skills beyond scientific education. 

Within his welcome speech, Prof. Dr. Günter Ziegler, president of Freie Universität Berlin and spokesman of the Berlin University Alliance, emphasized the significance to boost and network young academics as basis for the future technology development. He also pointed out the particular role of the BOS.QT within the Berlin University Alliance as connecting network between the cooperating universities.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schäffter, Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt Berlin, highlighted the importance of research in the area of the seminal optics and quantum technologies especially for the Berlin area.

In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mlynek spoke about superposition and entanglement as a basis for the second quantum revolution and provided an overview of the future-paving goals of the European Quantum Flagship, complemented by an outlook to the German research landscape and how it can benefit for this and future international initiatives. He emphasized the importance of the young BOS.QT-academics who are expected to contribute and promote the second quantum revolution.

Dr. Maxton-Küchenmeister, Joachim-Herz Stiftung, underlined the growing importance to connect existing structures and the unique role and chance of the BOS.QT as a graduate school with a technical background within the Berlin research landscape.

Finally, two Ph.D students presented their work. Konrad Tschernig just started his doctoral work and talked about his plans to tailor non-classical states of light for applications in quantum information processing. Sophia Helmrich almost finished her thesis and gave an overview of her results concerning light-matter interactions in 2D Materials and what it means to be part of a graduate school.

The come-together closed the event with lots of discussions and fruitful conversations.