Supervision concept

According to the BOS.QT regulations, regular BOS.QT students work on research for their dissertation, supervised by a tandem of BOS.QT faculty members, a supervisor, and a mentor. The supervisor is responsible for all scientific, administrative, and technical issues of the doctoral student. The mentor should have a supplementary scientific and content-related advisory role and give advice regarding career perspectives and inspirations from another perspective. Doctoral student, supervisor, and mentor are encouraged to sign a supervision agreement as recommended by the respective university of the supervisor (Promotionsvereinbarung/Betreuungsvereinbarung).

Supervision agreement

The following templates are suggested for a supervision agreement as provided by the Berlin universities:

TUB supervision agreement

HUB supervision agreement

FUB supervision agreement

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

A personal development plan might be developed by the doctoral candidate itself in cooperation with the supervisor to strengthen the focus of the thesis work.

BOS.QT Personal Development Plan