Jose and Tim casting magical software spells to make everything work.

Brian during the FFU assembly prior to IPR.

Top view of the RBE electronics board.

Breadboaring and testing in progress.

Bottom view of the RBE electronics board.

A FFU rendering prior to CDR. Notice the white pFDAs inside.

A rendering of the RBE inside the experiment module. Prior to CDR.

Alex at his high school teaching the physics class about satellites and spaceflight.

Brian knees deep in the swedish snow at PDR.

Tim, Leo and Ferdi on the way to the PDR in Sweden. Notice the sleeping Brian/beauty in the back.

Development board from watterrott with the friendly reminder to Read The Fantastic Manual.

3D printing a pFDA channel model.

Ferdi, Brian and Alex at the Selection Workshop in Bonn.

Alex and Ferdi on their way to Bonn.

A meeting in December.

The team.