Verification of 3-axis Control for a Picosatellite via Fluid Dynamic Actuators

4S Symposium

Submission: 23.04.2018
Status: waiting for publication

This publication is about the overall mission of TUPEX-6. It specifically highlights the hardware developed in the process. Additionally, the experiment which is going to be conducted during the flight is described in detail. As the paper was submitted in April 2018 it shows the mission state prior to the Critical Design Review.

Development of an Ejectable Cubesat Onboard a Sounding Rocket

Space Symposium on Space Educational Activities

Submission: 10.03.2018
Full Paper

This paper introduces the TUPEX-6 project to the academic world. It provides a short overview over the different parts of the project with a focus on the REXUS/BEXUS Campaign, the team and the payload. The paper was submitted in March 2018 and shows the state of the project, shortly after the Preliminary Design Review.